Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rita Galchus . Homegrown Sprouts

This is one of my favorite new cookbooks. It's approach to teaching what you need to sprout and how to do it is unique and encouraging. The different ways to sprout, various sprouters, safety tips, various grains, why you should sprout and a few delicious looking sprout filled recipes are all covered. The photography is beautiful and light, and I love that there are step by step instructions sprouting each type of grain/seed in each type of sprouter, with a picture for each step. I appreciate the source page as well, telling where to purchase sprouting materials. I have been an inconsistent sprouter for a number of years. This cookbook has changed it all. It gives a clear and informative basis for beginning sprouters, or sprouters who are out of step, like me. My especial favorite was the chapter on how to sprout gelatinous seeds like chia and flax. I have always wanted to sprout them but typically end up with chia pudding and flax eggs instead. Peruse or buy Homegrown Sprouts on Amazon.


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