Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Flavour Principle by Lucy Waverman & Beppi Crosariol

I love innovative cookbooks, and in many ways, it's difficult to be so. It seems whatever idea you've thought of for nearly everything, there's already one out there. The Flavour Principle achieves novelty by their approach to the eating experience through your senses.

The menus are an experience on their own, focusing on a specific flavor, but with attention on a specific ingredient or cuisine. The menus are also sorted by season on a separate page. I love the categorization of each recipe by flavor, and that varied cuisines fit into those categories naturally. Though the menus are outstanding as planned, I have bookmarked many recipes to try together out of order, and I know the grilled peanut butter banana bread sandwich will make a debut in my Kindergartener's lunch box sometime this school year.

The photography is beautiful and minimalistic, mirroring the simplistic focus on the flavor and essence of a dish. A thorough Index allows you to search for a recipe by dish, ingredient, and name. It also give wonderful tips on wine and drink pairings to complete your flavor experience, the perfect glass for the perfect drink, and how to build a world flavor pantry as well as an essentials only home bar. This is the type of cookbook I would plan my best dinner parties and summer soirees with, and a beautiful reliable resource in a diverse kitchen.


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